Guilt-Free Coffee, Tea, and Latte

The First and Only Patented, Researched,
Low Glycemic Beverage Treats in the World

In order to control excess body fat, and the accumulation of belly fat, we have to limit the consumption of foods and beverages that stimulate adipose tissue fat-storage.

Avoidance of foods and beverages that stimulate FAT-STORAGE is mandatory in preventing weight gain and obesity.

We already know that maintaining and controlling healthy body weight is difficult, if not impossible (as evidenced in the current obesity epidemic), and we also know that telling people not to drink their favorite beverages does not work.

Coffee if the number 3 most consumed drink in the world (after water and tea), so telling people not to drink any coffee or coffee products is just plain silly.

What makes more sense - telling people not to drink any coffee, tea, or Latte – or simply fixing coffee, tea, and Latte, so they are guilt-free?

Avoiding all coffee and caffeine products is not realistic, and the only other option is to re-formulate coffee and caffeine drinks so that they do not stimulate fat-storage.

The Boresha® line of guilt-free coffee’s and tea represent the first and only Patented, Researched, Low Glycemic beverage treats in the world.

B-SKINNY LATTE™ represents a new wave of products that are formulated not to stimulate fat-storage.


Each of the Boresha® Skinny Beverages - B-Skinny Coffee, Nuvo Gene Tea®, and B-Skinny Latte™ - act in a different way on the human body.

Each product addresses a significant metabolic issue related to weight control and energy levels.

B-SKINNY® Coffee addresses pure DIT non-food thermogenesis.
NUVO GENE TEA® addresses thermogenesis and the FTO obesity gene.
B-SKINNY LATTE™ addresses the pathogenesis of weight management on 5 separate pathways.

How does B-SKINNY LATTE™ work?

One of the main issues in weight management is the ingestion of High Glycemic creamers and sweeteners.

Currently, it is impossible to tell which creamers and sweeteners in the grocery store, or in coffee shops, are fattening and/or High Glycemic.

Labels will not tell you which products are fattening or high Glycemic.

Zero-Fat and Zero-Calorie means literally nothing in the world of obesity and biochemistry, because many ingredients are legally allowed to say Zero-Fat and Zero-Calorie and still be more fattening than table sugar (sucrose).


B-SKINNY LATTE™ contains Low Glycemic proteins and Low Glycemic carbohydrates. No creamer or sweetener is necessary.

In B-SKINNY LATTE™ the proteins, carbs, and coffee compounds are designed to produce a certain reaction in the body, different than that of our other 2 thermogenic products, B-Skinny® Coffee and Nuvo Gene Tea®.

Let’s talk about exactly how B-SKINNY LATTE™ is different.

B-SKINNY LATTE™ is specifically designed to address weight gain, obesity, and fat-storage on 5 different levels:

The Glycemic Index

Brain Glycemic Indexing

Obesity Hormones


B-SKINNY LATTE™ instigates thermogenesis in humans.

Why is thermogenesis important in any weight management program?

Because long-term weight maintenance has a 98 percent rate of being unsuccessful.

So, there is a need for simple and safe methods to prevent weight gain and re-gain by increasing energy expenditure via thermoregulation, and decreasing High Glycemic energy intake (EI).

The chemical equation in humans for body weight is:

Energy Intake = Energy Output + Storage

We have to address that calculation in order to be successful in any weight management system.

Energy Intake is what we put into our bodies, and not just what we digest, but whatever enters our mouths, even gum.

B-SKINNY LATTE™ induces a thermogenic response above baseline value
B-SKINNY LATTE™ possesses both Thermogenic and Appetite-Suppressant effects in humans, and together these duel effects burn fat and help control appetite


Physical activity accounts for about 10% of energy expenditure, while basal or resting metabolic rate (RMR) accounts for about 80%, and adaptive thermogenesis rounds out the remaining 10%.

Adaptive (Facultative) Thermogenesis accounts for 10% of total energy expenditure, in which heat is generated by chemical reactions that address a physiologic need, most notably cold exposure (non-shivering thermogenesis) or dietary intake (diet-induced thermogenesis).

This heat is like a coal-burning furnace, the more fuel, the more heat. Thermogenesis in humans requires efficient fat-burning to maintain normal weight.

Of this available 10% - B-SKINNY LATTE™ produces 6% of the 10% of available thermoregulation – which is a huge amount.

B-SKINNY LATTE™ is the coal added to the furnace to increase heat (thermogenesis).

So, how did we get to such a high thermogenic percentage?

Because the thermogenic influenced of B-SKINNY LATTE™ is exacerbated by the natural sources of thermogenic compounds found in Boresha coffee.

No two types of coffee are the same.

Coffee beans differ, as so do the methods of processing, and so there are widely varying mixtures of xanthines and of other substances, such as tannins, which affect thermogenic energy balance.

As you can burn an egg in the frying pan, you can also burn/destroy the delicate compounds in coffee beans, which render them useless. Specific and proprietary Infra Red roasting insures that the delicate compounds reach potent and therapeutic levels.

This requires that you own your own roasting plant.

If anyone tries to say that their coffee product is functional, just say to them – Oh, does the company run and control their own coffee roasting facility? I think not.

Companies buy their coffee from other standardized coffee plants – all their coffee is standardized.

Boresha® has their own roasting facility, and can calibrate the beans and process any way we so choose.

Combine 30 years of Glycemic and Obesity clinical research - with our own roasting facility, and Boresha® has a totally unbeatable system for creating one-of-a-kind science.


Consuming a High Glycemic meal, drink, or product imbalances blood glucose levels and causes the release of insulin, a hormone that allows cells to uptake glucose.

In adipose (fat) tissue, insulin facilitates the storage of glucose and its conversion to fatty acids.

Reducing the serum glucose and insulin response of all foods and beverages is mandatory in the control and prevention of weight gain, obesity and Type 2 diabetes.

In terms of weight management and fat-storage, insulin acts on adipose fat tissue to inhibit the release of fatty acids and promote their synthesis, and High Glycemic products are readily absorbed by the intestine and cause rapid fluctuations in blood glucose, which triggers adipose tissue fat-storage and affects circulating energy supplies.

Imbalanced beverages, including coffee drinks impair weight management, fat-storage and energy maintenance.


Whether insulin is stimulated through the Glycemic Index Response or through Brain Glycemic Indexing, the end result is the same – the stimulation of insulin and negative-impact hormones, which leads to Type 2 diabetes, weight gain, increased fat cells, and obesity.

Negative Brain Glycemic Indexing (Cephalic Response) activates a negative brain/metabolic cascade by stimulating insulin and fat storage in fat cells.

This cascade occurs as a result of ingesting coffee, tea, caffeine-drinks, and any other beverage that has Zero-calories, Zero-Carbs, or Zero-Sugars.

Numerous published clinical trials have been conducted on the effects of insulin on brain glucose metabolism, and impaired glucose tolerance.

The outcome of these trials shows that insulin stimulates brain glucose metabolism.

Scientists have proven and published in peer-reviewed journals that the “brain controls eating”, and that “foods act like drugs”, and further, “foods and beverages can rewire the brain and act like hard drugs, such as cocaine”.

Soft drinks and diet sodas have already been identified as culprits in the obesity epidemic, despite having no-calories.

Noted physician and TV medical show host, Dr. OZ, states “Switch from soft drinks (even diet sodas) to water - sure diet sodas have no calories”, but says Dr. OZ, “Anything made with artificial sweeteners can trick the brain into thinking it's real sugar.”

"The brain then thinks it has enough incoming sugar and switches over to store all the calories as fat," Dr. OZ explains."

To listen to a live PodCast on Clear Channel related to this topic, click here.


What’s different about the B-SKINNY LATTE™ formula and the B-SKINNY COFFEE, and NUVO GENE TEA® formulas ?

B-SKINNY LATTE™ contains real dairy creamer, as dictated by FDA guidelines, and very specific Low Glycemic Carbohydrates, called BioGlycosyl, which is a Mono-Polysaccharide Compound, which were designed specifically for Boresha’s SKINNY BEVERAGES.

The Latte products currently available on the market fall into two metabolic groups:

Those that contain High Glycemic ingredients which cause fat-storage

Those that do not contain any Low Glycemic Carbohydrates, which causes Ketosis

Any coffee, caffeine, Latte or Cappucino drink, as well as any other drink that produces Ketosis is metabolically, a very bad thing.

Ketosis comes from the root word ketones - which are produced in the liver through the incomplete breakdown of fat.

Ketosis is a condition in which the incomplete breakdown of fatty acids due to the decline of glucose in the bloodstream causes the production of ketones.

Ketosis is a very negative physical state because levels of ketones in the body rise - while levels of glucose fall - and many organs begin to function less efficiently, including the brain, which relies heavily on glucose.

Furthermore, fats can only be metabolized when there is a certain amount of glucose present to produce oxaloacetate that condenses with acetyl CoA in the citric acid cycle.

Since fatty acids are degraded directly to acetyl CoA, they cannot be used as an energy source, and instead, they too are transformed in ketones. Although many tissues can utilize ketones for energy, high levels in the blood stream are dangerous and low amounts of glucose in the blood can be detrimental to the brain.

In addition, Ketogenic Zero-and-Low-Calorie foods, beverages, and diets will slow down metabolism – and cause loss of muscle mass.

This loss of muscle mass causes resting metabolic rates to decrease since skeletal muscle requires more energy at rest and during exercise than adipose tissue.

B-SKINNY LATTE™ does not cause ketosis.

This data elucidates the importance of creating Low Glycemic, Non-Cephalic, Non-Ketogenic products, such as B-SKINNY LATTE™, B-SKINNY® COFFEE, and NUVO GENE TEA®.

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